“Longterm Mentality”


Ab-Soul is currently my favorite artist and his mixtape Longterm Mentality is what allowed me to separate him from the rest of hip-hop. He’s a lyricist and his wordplay is unlike any other. The tape consists of 14 tracks featuring his Black Hippy Crew and other artists such as the beautiful Jhene Aiko. I have listened to the entire mixtape numerous times and my favorite track would have to be Top Dawg Under Dawg. He is part of T.D.E (Black Hippy Crew) along with Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock. Together they create phenomenal music and deliver a sound that I consider “real” hip-hop. I believe there are a few artists in today’s time that are up to par with Ab-Soul and the rest of T.D.E such as The Underachievers and Pro Era etc. This isn’t his most recent mixtape, in fact, there is a Longterm 2 which is something you should take a look at as well, but I recommend listening to this first. I also recommend you check him out on soundcloud, YouTube and any other site you can search for music. He’s collaborated with a couple of well known artists such as Mac Miller and Danny Brown, but is yet to get signed to a label. I could tell you much more about Ab-Soul, but the best way to learn about him would be to simply listen to his music. He doesn’t talk about cars, clubs, watches and all that nonsense these rappers nowadays feel the need to constantly feed us; rather his life and the major issues in our society. He’s also got some pieces of work before Longterm Mentality which you can find on the T.D.E YouTube page and datpiff. I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do and hopefully he and his crew can bring real hip-hop back to the stages.

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